Okay, this is a blog for discussing about the canon and events that happened in this wiki.


  • 5,000,000 BCE, Battle Terra is created
  • In 4000ish BCE the Battle hall is created
  • Sometime in the 1900's Vampuffles attact Club Penguin and Carney van Carnation is turned into a vampuffle
  • In 1990, Suckar was born, and be became a battler in 1995
  • Also in 1995, the new Penguin Republic became merged (subject to change)
  • In 2000 Shivrian is born, and 2 years later he starts training his powers

Those are the only ones with dates... other things are just mentioned in this wiki

  • The club Penguin Civil war breaks out
  • Tepas is 2000 years old
  • Ernie joins the EPF
  • Neogniscidae is created.
  • Neo creates Dogmabita
  • Neo gives Necroavian powers, and later gives Pink Bunny powers.
  • Gary the Gadget guy goes to BattleTerra to start the Puffle Platoon, but gets stranded

I'll add more. Meanwhile take this into consideration when writing an article. If there is anything you want to add, make a comment. I'll add more stuff to the list later.