Not really intelligent.
Vital statistics
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Power Fist of a N00b.
Effect Big punch, which knocks out the opponent.
Strengths None
Weaknesses None, as well!
Senses Can see, but doesn't seem to think.
Dumbness 90%
Smartness 10%
Destruction 55%

Standeler is an unintelligent member of the Nodas Group. He is in the Battle Division, of course (no thinking person would have put him higher). His power is punching, nothing else.

History Edit

As a young penguin, he wasn't really good at school. His passion were punching fights. He once heard about a group, recruiting new fighter from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from his uncle, who heard it from his mate, who heard it somewhere else. He applied there, and soon he became an Initiate. Everybody recognized him as a brainless penguin. He was one of the first members of the group, but he still haven't met Nodas King. He has passed his Initiate course in the direction: Battle for B- . He became a normal member of the Battle Division. He isn't intelligent, but he doesn't need intelligence in fight. His fists are very strong, so don't believe, that he is worse in battle, because he is unintelligent.