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Vital statistics
Type Neutral Battle-Penguin
Score 820
Power Ice related weather, Ice supernatural powers
Effect Avalanches, Blizards, Hail, etc.
Strengths {{{strengths}}}
Weaknesses Fire related attacks
Senses Can control the Ice weather patterns
Dumbness 20%
Smartness 100%
Destruction 80%

Shivrian is the current keeper of the Ice Infinite, one of the Infintes of Unity. He is part of the Keepers of Unity. He was born in Club Penguin. Shivrian recieved the Ice Infinite from the Gods of Battle, who when the previous keeper, Klondion, was killed by Adrk, the Keeper of the Shadow Infinite's power. Currently, he controls the Ice elements, such as Hail, Avalanches, and Blizards.

Background Edit

Shivrian was born on the day of the Winter Prophecy, in the year 2000, meaning that every fifty years, the keeper of the Ice Infinite, Klondion, and the keeper of the Shadow Infinite, Malum, shall select their heir suceed his position, at excactly 17:47, during the December solstice. However, the Shadow Infinite dectected that the new Ice keeper would seek great power, which will defeat the Shadow Infinite. This actually broke the Infinite Scroll rules. Some how, the keeper of the Light Infinite, Lex, had manipulated the Ice Infinite. In all his cold blood, he killed Klondion, and stole the Ice Infinite at 14:54. However, the Gods of Battle knew this, and they killed Malum, and Lex, as Lex had also broken one of the rules, which clearly stated that no one may interfere with another Infinite. The price of interference is death. At 17:47, the Shadow Infinite had chosen it's heir, and a newborn called Adrk. The Ice Infinite had chosen a newborn called Shivrian. However, without a Keeper of the Light Infinite, BattleWorld was plunged into Darkness; chauos was more common, and there would be no daylight until the June soltice, where the Summer Prophecy will take place.

In 2002, he was taken from his parents to the Club Penguin Battle Hall, where he would train to achieve Infinite power. It took two years before he achieved full power.

With full power achieved, he left for the Infinite Mountains, where he met the Keepers of Unity. He then began to understand his infinite power.

Later, he decided to battle like other neutral Battle-Penguins for the sake of it. He was the winner of the Antarctica Championship 2008.

Involvement Edit

Powers Edit

= Special Attacks Edit

His special attack is calld the Shiver Storm. When he uses the Shiver Storm, he uses a massive Tornado, made up of ice, and a massive blizard. It causes 25% damage, and it also paralyses the target for thirty seconds. If it's used to kill, it'll kill. This is a exception to fire oponants, or any fellow keppers.

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