Plasma Weapons
Placeholder item
Vital statistics
Type Weapons
Quantity 9
Owner(s) Ninjinian, Discferno (others remain unknown)
Effects Ultimate Power
Source Material
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Plasma Weapons are the most deadly & lethal weapons every established in Club Penguin Battlerina History. There are 9 different Plasma Weapons, and each weapon has a keeper. They were created in the 1200's, almost being the oldest weapons ever established in battle-history.

History Edit

The Plasma Weapons were created as monuments, but then got stolen by several battle-penguins, and used them in battles, everyone else unaware that they were the Plasma's. The penguins using them were then caught and sent to the Satellite Prison, and each weapon were given to nine different battle-penguins. They were kept for many, many years, and were passed on for aeons from battle-penguins to battle-penguins. Only good battle-penguins could keep the weapons, because who knew what would happen to them when they fell into the wrong hands (evil battle-penguins).

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