The Penguin Republic's Location.

Penguin Republic is the most powerful and richest country in Antarctica. It is next to Edge Fields.

History Edit

The former Penguin Republic was in a "parliment war" in 1993, which caused several strong parties to collapse and the democracy was about to collapse. Meanwhile, the Aristo Kingdom needs financial support and the former Penguin Republic was still the richest. Therefore, in 1995, the countries merged to form the new Penguin Republic, but not fully. The provinces of Niu Han and Tipdown was still part of the former Penguin Republic (renamed Old Penguin Republic), as the civil war continues into danger. So as for the only remaining province in the Aristo Kingdom known as the Yinga Batula, which wants to be free. In 1996, the Old Penguin Republic's parties were all resolved and rebuilt, and the provinces, Niu Han and Tipdown submerged into the new republic. Meanwhile, Yinga Batula and another small republic known as Yakoslovakia merged under Yakoslovakia's name and continuos government system. However, Yakoslovakia was conquered by the Imperial Remnant. Only a small part remained, which was forced to merge with the Penguin Republic. The official merge was in 2005.

Antarctica in 1993.