Nodas King
That's him.
Vital statistics
Type King Battler
Score 1500
Power The Elemental Punch
Effect Fire, Water, Earth, Air, or Electricity Power attacks the opponent.
Strengths Plasma Powers
Weaknesses Supernatural powers
Senses Hears every single sound, and sees every move.
Dumbness 15%
Smartness 85%
Destruction When has a big advantage - 90%, usually around 50%.

The Nodas King is a very powerful battle-penguin leader of the evil penguin group called the Nodas Group. He has the Plasma Powers. His powers are random - they depend on the terrain, and his un-mind temper, which is very unpredictable. He is a "King", because his allies call him like that. He is one of the leading battlers. He has a base somewhere in Antarctica, probably on a hidden island. If he is in serious danger, he usually makes plans in his base, together with his allies.

The Group Edit

When he was younger, he wanted to become a leader. ater, he formed the Nodas Group, which was just a prelude, before the real, great battle army got formed. The first penguin to join the battle group, was Carvilon Monetes, a penguin, who always wanted to be special. He was taught by Nodas King, and finally he become a master of Fire, one of the strongest of Plasma Powers. He quickly had become a Sergeant.

Crappe is his slave.