What's the point of death?
— Necroavain
What Necroavian looks like when he's about to kill you.
Vital statistics
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Power Necromancy, summoning ghosts and spirits, and pyrokinesis
Effect Beat up opponent, scars
Strengths Fire and supernatural forces
Weaknesses Moisture and overuse of powers
Senses Fire anywhere close
Dumbness 25%
Smartness 75%
Destruction 84%

Necroavain (real name unknown) is an evil undead necromancer who is able to summon up ghost, zombies, and imps using his magical fire-bone trident. He was given this ability as well as the trident by Neogniscidae, after striking a deal with him. He has no flesh on his head and is kept alive through "embalming flames" which also embalms his whole body, although it doesn't burn it. He has boots which are also on fire and he can use them to fly.

Lich Penguin

Necroavian can easily be killed if the embalming flame is extinguished (although the only thing that can extinguish the flame is puffle barf). But when he dies, he'll return. He always returns. When Necroavian uses his powers, however, the embalming flame weakens, making his skull shatter. If he uses too much of his power, then his whole head will break and his body will burn. This has happened quite a few times.

Personality Edit

Necroavian has been called the vilest creature to walk on BattleTerra (although there have been viler creaters then him). He is extremely evil and wants to control people. Fortunantly he is unable to do this, but he can raise the dead and control them. Necroavian wants penguins to fear and respect him, and many do the former, but few do the latter.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a black belt in Card-Jitsu.
  • It is unknown how many times he has resurrected himself, but it is at least 70.
  • It is unknown how he resurrects himself if he is dead.

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