Nathan Ken III
You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?
Vital statistics
Type Light (body)
Score 9
Power Able to shoot laser vision from eyes, but other than that, he is merely a generic penguin.
Effect Lasers are EXTREMELY painful and highly powerful, and can be devastating if they hit an opponent, but Nathan usually misses.
Strengths His laser vision is drastically strong, and if they strike an enemy, it severely depletes their power and can be a one-hit KO, particularly if the opponent is sensitive to light.
Weaknesses He has terrible, HORRENDOUS aim. As such, he usually waddles around and tries to strike.
Senses Nathan is very intelligent and can often predict his opponent's moves after about five minutes in battle.
Dumbness 1% (he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn)
Smartness 99%
Destruction If his lasers actually hit the opponent, it's curtains for them.

Natahn Ken III is a third-generation battle penguin who enrolled to make his family proud. He wants to reclaim the Ken family honor, since everyone before him were terrible battle penguins. Frankly, Natahn isn't one of the greatest, either.

Background Edit

Nathan's family have always tried to be battle penguins. Nathan's grandfather, Nathan Ken I, also had laser vision, as did his father. Each generation's laser vision became stronger, to the point of Nathan III knocking out an opponent with a few blasts.

Unfortunately, the family had terrible eyesight, all of them requiring glasses, and chronic issues with aging, forcing Nathan I to use a cane and hearing aid. Natahn II, his father, is also on the track to aging, losing a spring in his waddle and the luster of his feather colors.

Every single family member also had a shared issue. Not one of them could aim. Regardless of their laser vision's extreme power, it is useless if they can't hit a target. As such, Nathan and family are low-ranked, and unless they can figure out how to zap their opponents effectively, seem to be doomed to stay there.

Involvement Edit

Nathan III is a small penguin with thick glasses and poor eyesight. His mighty laser vision is extremely formidable and could easily take down even the strongest opponents with two or three blasts, but he can't, for the likes of him, hit his opponent.

Most characters have little trouble beating him because of this.

Trivia Edit

  • Nathan wears a robe sewn by his grandfather and passed down per generation of warriors.
  • If he could ever hit him, Nathan could destroy Carney van Carnation in one shot, since Vampuffles are weak in sunlight, and since lasers are concentrated light.

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