Harry Gallus was born in a farm in Canada. He didn't like it there, so when it was time for him to go to university, he decided to go to one in a place called Club Chicken. He soon realized that "Club Chicken" was just another name for "Club Penguin" and was stuck in Antartica. Not willing to go back to Canada, he decided to live in Club Penguin, and soon met Harriet Flippers.

Harriet Gallus nee Flippers was born in Club Chicken Penguin. She met Harry at Club Penguin University. They became friends, fell in love, got married, and had Harold Gallus.

Soon, the Club Penguin Civil War broke out, and Harry and Harriet lost their jobs due to the state the island was in, and were later drafted for a while. When the war was over, Harry and Harriet were re-employed, although their new jobs were lower pay. After Harold was kidnapped by Ernie, his parents had to shell out their life savings to look for him. When Harold returned, he became a battle penguin to get back his parent's money.

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