Fart Stinkz is the newest and most exclusive battle group in Club Penguin's Battlefield. Forming on the eve of Da Ego Mustavua, the group has over 500 members internationally, including the far Arctic.

Background Edit

On the eve of Da Ego Mustavua, twenty penguins from a clan known as Chavia Mustata Era and from a gang known as Feaces and Pie came were having problems with battling. It resulted in a merger at the CP Battle Hall, far to the right. As the new formation does not have a specific name, another clan known as Farting MacFarts Farts Stinks merged with the newly formed clan to form an even newer clan. It was named Fart Stinkz in honour of the third merging company, and so forth.

The group back then only had 124 members in total. They recruited members who loved Fart, the tradition of Spata Aleaguea, feaces and pie. Researchers concluded this:

Activity Percantage of Members who joined beacuse of that activity.
Fart 25%
The tradition of Spata Aleaguea 34%
Feaces 23%
Pie 8%
Battling 10%
Total 100%

Many joined because of the tradition of Spata Aleaguea, similar to Spanish stuff. Followed by the likers of Fart, Feaces, Normal Battling and Pie.

Members Edit

Members of the group include:

  • Terra Erra Ah Meglana
  • Chevor
  • Cheva
  • Perra
  • Tiara
  • Dana
  • Bala
  • FartStinks222
  • Fart-Poo
  • PooStinks111
  • Pie (penguin)
  • BattleMaster
  • Pioemafarta
  • Cherra De Alagrea (former of Spata Aleaguea team)
  • Tara Mera
  • FartStinksLikeASuper
  • Ferry
  • Philipina
  • G Battlerina
  • AuntieArgtik
  • Perry (not Perra)
  • Diego
  • Benjamin Ng See Wei
  • ChinaFart
  • BattleMasterAhClubPenguin
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Ninjastic
  • Ninjinjian (churro master)
  • Alex Gan
  • Tiara
  • Mera
  • Suckar
  • Sucker (different from Suckar)
  • Pita
  • PitaPa
  • PitaPaPa
  • PitaPaPaPa
  • Copycat_2
  • Darth Vader
  • Sanity2
  • Sorrah
  • Pong
  • Diana945
  • Diana946
  • PitaPA
  • ToranChicka
  • Darth Sucker
  • Maurecia
  • Todd
  • Goozack
  • Bill Gates

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