Edge Panetry
The territory.
Type: Panetry
Leader: Still, none.
Location: Edge Fields
Capital: Conarrystone
Famous Battle-Penguins: Nodas King

Edge Panetry is a Panetry in the region of the Edge Fields. The Panetry is in the edge of the country. There are lots of gangs created there, the Nodas Group as well. The Panetry is very barely inhabited, but some gangs have their secret bases. The Nodas Group moved away from Edge Fields, so the most powerful gang of the Edge Fields is unknown. There are no battle arenas there, so that is a perfect place to hide. There is no capital, but it may be chosen in the next five years. But there is probably no person in the world, who may think, the idea has sense. Why such a Panetry needs a capital?

Other Edit

The very famous Nodas King came from here, and the prelude of the Nodas Group was created there, too. A few villages are in the coastal area, so the rest of the state is WILD. Who knows, if anything REALLY BAD lurks there... It was ranked the 3rd most dangerous place known in the known world.