The Dagger-Bow is an illegal weapon, which is lost in the Barren Mountains. It was a powerful weapon in the 1400's of Antarctica and still is. Nobody ever used it in battle, and still don't . . .

History Edit

The Dagger-Bow was a popular & destructive weapon, only used by one. In the 1400's while in battle, battle-penguins would run away from the fearsome weapon, because it was too dangerous, even to touch one. Nobody was capable of it's power, but Lancher. Lancher was the one who had created the weapon. It produced mass-destruction, and would almost win any battle. It then was declared an illegal weapon, but Lancher wouldn't give it up, so then in his next game against Ninjinian, Lancher smuggled in the weapon. During the battle, Lancher was then getting out of control because of it's uncontrolable power, and then the Bow struck lightning, and then flew out of Lancher's hands, and got threw into the sky, never to be seen again.

Any more history is unknown, nobody knows more history than this but Lancher and Ninjinian, but Lancher wouldn't confess the history, and Ninjinian is unknown of his status. Archeologists are still searching for the deadly weapon, and if found, ready to be destroyed, forever . . .

Description Edit

The weapon has an amazing structure & detail. It's beauty shines upon all penguins in the crowd & battling. It is shaped like a sword, but isn't completely sword. It is half-sword, half-bow, which makes it's power indestructable and it's beauty incredible.