Presentday BattleTerra

What it looks like now

Battle Terra (AKA: BattleLand) is the main part of land which is in BattleWorld. It is based a couple of sea-miles away from the land, Antarctica. It includes some of the most famous cities ever, such as Battle City & Battle Fields. The land also inhabits about 60% of all successful battle-penguins, and usually hosts the battles there.

History Edit

BattleTerra was created by the Battle Gods in 5,000,000 BCE, and was made for their amusement & just to have more land than others. The land soon started to be constructed in 1457 AD, and by 1464 AD, BattleTerra was created. The Terra then was spotted by other battle-penguins, and started to come over to the land. And by 4910 BCE, BattleTerra was soon a BattleWorld-International-Land, starting with a population of 1900 penguins in Battle City.

Soon in 1504 BCE, the population had increased immensely, so the Gods had to expand the deserted land, and a small portion turned into Battle Fields, where normal-penguins would stay, away from the destruction-causing battle-penguins.

After in 1700 AD, BattleTerra (Add more!)