Antarctic Cock
Artic Cock


The Antarctic Cockerel


Strength that allows him to punch, kick, body slam, and other physical tortures really hard. Also he has sharp and hard claws with an equally sharp and hard beak


Bruises, sprains, broken bones,cuts, and hundreds of other things too painful to write down


He can survive extremely cold temperatures


He's slow on land and water


5%, after Ernie experimented on him




He can destroy big-time!

The Antarctic Cockerel (Birth name: Harold Gallus) is a penguin/chicken hybrid, born to Harry Gallus and Harriet Flippers. He can run on land, and swim in the sea pretty well, but not as well as chickens or penguins respectively.

Artic Cocks parents

Harriet and Harry Gallus

He has super-strength, rapid ability to heal, mighty claws and a powerful beak, that was given to him by Ernie. Ernie was fascinated by Harold because logically a chicken and penguin wouldn't be able to produce offspring because they are completely different species. Besides, chickens have 78 chromosomes and penguins have 38. After kidnapping Harold, and preforming many painful experiments on him, Ernie decided that his job was finished and let Harold go. But Harold was mad at Ernie, so Ernie gave him super powers. Harold decided to become a battle-penguin and named himself "The Antarctic Cockerel"

Special Attack Edit

That Arctic Rooster's special attack is the "Cock-A-Doodle-Doom"' which is him crowing extremely loud. It has more power then the Decibelizer 3000, and can leave an opponent deaf for a while, as well as blow them away. This is a special attack because it can only be done at dawn, and there is a 10-day recharging period between each crowing.

History Edit

Harold had loving parents, a nice home, and everything a little chick would need to succeed in life. But that was the start. Evantually, the Club Penguin Civil war broke out, and through a substantial ammount of bad luck, both his parents were drafted. He had to live with his neglectful 2nd cousins while bloodshed continued throughout the island.

After the war, Harry and Harriet found out that the jobs they had were closed, and were forced to get lower paying jobs. He was then kidnapped by Ernie and experimented on. Ernie preformed painful tests on Harold and his parents had to shell out a small fortune looking for them. Evantually, Ernie let him go, but his actions had already cost Harold so much. Ernie decided to make up, by giving Harold superpenguin powers, like strength and rapid healing. Harold realized that he could use these powers to become a Battle-Penguin, which he did.


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